Monday, August 18, 2014

More lovely non sewing weather

It's been lovely here.  Just ask the mosquitoes.  This is the worst August in 10 years in Edmonton according to city officials.   For having too many mosquitoes that is.  Other than that the weather has been wonderful!

The very hot weather is working it's magic with my night scented evening stocks.  They look so scraggly during the day.  Come night, they open up and release the most heavenly scent.  No wonder the cats like to bend the stocks over to make a bed to lay down on.  I would do so as well if I could stand those pesky mosquitoes.

I've upped my walking goals to 12,000 steps at the minimum every day.  With the great weather and having to keep moving or get bit, I've been logging in quite a bit more than that.  I'll miss the walking once winter comes and the side walks are too icy.

Speaking of side walks....the city did get back to me about the fence and side walk issue.  While there is no start or finish date, the problem will be addressed.  I'm just hoping it will be before the snow comes.  We now have several neighbours in the area that are using wheelchairs.  Having to go off the side walk, into the mud or snow to get anywhere will be an issue for them.

I did finish the wallet I mentioned in my last post.  And it's cute plus very usable.

It was fun to make and I'm hoping to find time to make a few more.
And does it ever hold a lot!  Even my cell phone and my card case.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's been over a month!

I'm going to blame the lovely summer weather for not posting more often.  Who wants to be on the computer when we can be outside sleeping on the swing.  Or walking in the sun.  I for one have been really enjoying the summer.

I had plans of taking all my scraps outside and cutting them down to usable sizes while enjoying the weather.  Good intentions are not able to keep me from the heavy gravity area on that swing!  Although I did get some binding stitched on a quilt a couple of days ago while sitting outside.

There are those who are having problems dealing with this heat though.  Especially one dear friend who has shingles.  I can't imagine what she's going through.  When I had shingles it was winter.  That was bad enough.  Having it in summer!  I'm praying for a speedy recovery for her.  And here's a recommendation for everyone.  Get the immunization for shingles!  Did you know that you can get it more than once?  Yep.  Get that shot!

Enough of the public service announcement and back to the sewing room.  I'm currently trying to make a wallet.  I should be finished this weekend and can't wait.  The wallet I'm currently using does not have a place for coins.  I must be fussy because I can't find one I like in the local stores (at least not at a price I'm willing to pay). 

There is one more finished quilt in my collection of flying geese quilts.

I guess the cats are not impressed with it.  They didn't even give it a test nap.

On the FitBit side of things.  I've walked a minimum of 10,000 steps every day since February 10th.  Probably time to up my goal to 12,000.  So the challenge is to see if I can do 12,00 steps every day until Halloween.  Then I'll up it again.

The City of Edmonton has been hearing from me.  First it was a fence in a school field that was broken.  The top metal rail was broken and sticking out at about 3 feet off the ground onto a side walk.  I could just imagine a child riding a bike into it and impaling themselves.  One e-mail to the city and it was fixed within 48 hours.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Today I sent the city this photo:
This fence across a busy side walk forces people to walk into the mud, snow and water.  The fence was put there to keep people from riding their bikes straight onto a busy avenue into traffic.  I'm sure it saves lives.  But there are other ways to keep people safe.  A staggered fence would work:

The side walk is used by several hundred people a week.  It's in an elementary school field. Next to this school field is a shopping centre. Across the avenue from the field is another school.  Plus there are dozens of people who use the bus stops on this avenue daily to get to and from work.  I'm sure they appreciate having to wade through the mud in their business clothes.

It will be interesting to see what the city's response will be to this concern.  I don't expect a response as fast as the one regarding the broken fence.  This will be a lot more work and expense.  So it would be completely understandable if it takes some time.  Just as long as it does get fixed eventually.