Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volunteer sewing and a fun afternoon at the LQS

Yesterday was volunteer sewing at my local quilt shop (LQS) Sew Divine here in Edmonton.  Six of us showed up to make more draw string bags for local shelters. 

Of course there is always show and tell.  I showed a sample of how the "Exploding Block" goes together.  Several of the quilters had seen the video shown on Missouri Star Quilt Co. but had not tried it.  Quite a few said they would be trying it as soon as they got home.

Then there was the show and tell.  Some beautiful quilts where shown off.  And great quilting that was provided by Sew Divine's long arm service.  I should have taken photos to post.  Hope I remember to the next time.

Then on to the sewing.  We had four machines going.  Three sewing machines and one serger.  Two others were inserting the drawstrings into the casings.  68 bags were completed by the time I left.  And I bet they reached 75 by the time everyone went home.  It feels great to get that many bags made.  It is depressing that there is a continuous need for them.

These bags are given to an organization that fills them with toiletries.  They in turn pass them on to shelters.  Those staying at the shelters often arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.  At least they have their own bag with tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, a comb etc.

Half way through the afternoon, Pat, the shop's owner got a phone call.  "What's your address?  We have a few ladies on a shop hop on their way."  What fun.  It turns out that these ladies had rented a motor coach and were travelling around to visit quilt shops in Alberta.  Not sure if it was a one day event or if they were going to be on the road for several days. 

The line for having fabric cut grew quickly.  One of our volunteers has experience working in fabric stores.  She quickly offered to put away her sewing machine and set up a cutting mat.  At that point I left for my walk home which hopefully freed up some more table space for yet another cutting station to be set up.  It looked like it would be needed.  I hope the travelling quilters had a great shop hop. 

On to my quilting:

I have quilt tops piling up.  The reason I purchased my Bailey 17" and the Gracie frame was to get these tops finished into quilts that can be used.  So what's holding me

I had challenged myself to learn how to quilt feathers.  But I really really enjoy free motion.  So I'm getting back to free motion so I feel like I'm playing again.  Removing the "you must learn how to" off my shoulders has me excited to get back to the long arm quilting again.  Hopefully there will be a lot of finished quilts showing up here soon. 

As to walking and the Fitbit.  It's a sad state of affairs when this very unfit, almost 60 year old, is number 15 or 17 (depending on the day) in activity levels.  This is in a group of 93 people.  Most of which are younger than me.  A lot of them live down south where it's not icy sidewalks and snow that keeps them from walking. So I'm off for another long walk today.  Got to keep my standing here so I can gloat.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Did you watch Firefly? Are you a Brown Coat?

I never did watch Firefly, but it is big in our family.  Well the Brown Coats are having an online auction. 

Check out this leather tooled iPad case.  My guys do leather tooling and I know how many hours of work goes into making something like this.

Firefly iPad case up for auction

The auction ends April 30, 2014.  Click the "2014 Shiny Charity Auction" link just above the photo of the iPad case and see where literacy causes proceeds will support....and to see who is donating!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some sewing done...but not enough

For the first time I am behind in my block of the month project.  I picked up the fabrics early.  So there is no excuse except for nice weather.  I've been out walking more and then there is the "Spring Cleaning". 

I doubt anyone can tell I've been cleaning.  But I know I have been.  Each day my home feels like it has more air. 

Oh, and taxes are done!  That always makes me feel lighter.  Not in the pocket as I almost always get a refund.  But lighter as in a responsibility has been lifted off our shoulders.  Done for another year.  So on to sewing....

So if I haven't been working on the block of the month, what have I been working on?  Bags.  I received some fabric that begged to be used in bags.  So here are the two bags finished last week:

 The first bag is a "Margo" bag with lots of pockets.  The second is a zippered tote bag with pockets.

The past week also included a birthday party for myself and my Mom.  Thanks again ladies.  It was fun.  Then on Friday was a fun baby shower.  The new Mom's friends and family certainly had great ideas of their own.  Add to that ideas from the Internet and it was a lovely party.  Check out the bag every guest received.  Lifesaver soothers were tied with ribbon around each popcorn bag and a photo of the baby and his birth date, weight, etc were included.  Too cute!

Plan for today....get working on that block of the month!  After I finish today's lesson for my on line drawing course.  And get a walk in.  And .....