Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another quilt finished

Another quilt based on the flying geese block is finished.  Just don't let the quilt police see it.   I get creative when it comes to disguising some problem areas.  A number of other quilters have reached out to me on this topic.  I refuse to mention their names and the quilt police will never get any information from me! 

On this quilt there was one spot where the quilting tension was awful.  The stitching had to be pulled out.  But the quilt was off the frame by the time I noticed it.  Since the area was close to the edge of the quilt, that's where the quilt label went.  (I've used a quilt label to hide puckers in the backing in the past as well...don't tell.)

I always wash quilts after they are finished.  I want to ensure that there is nothing awry.  Sometimes some quilting comes out.  Guess I didn't secure the stitching on that row very well.  At other times it's a seam in the top that gives way.  Probably that fabric that wasn't the greatest quality and it frayed.  Or maybe my 1/4" seam...wasn't a 1/4".  What ever the reason for the problem, a wash and dry brings issues to light prior to the quilt being gifted. 

On this quilt it was the binding.  It looked just fine at first glance.  But a closer look led me to believe that the edge of the top might start to fray and pull out from under the binding.  So a decorative machine stitch was added all the way around to hold everything down properly.

Not so long ago a member of the quilt police reprimanded me for machine stitching the binding on a quilt.  I was informed that in all cases, the proper way is to hand stitch.  (If this particular quilter washed her quilts prior to giving them away, she would change her tune.)

Because I wanted to feel good about my quilting I e-mailed several of the on line groups that I belong to.  And these quilters came through.  They machine stitch binding and use decorative stitches to secure "ify" seams.  They also use labels to cover up problem areas.  Add appliqué to hide points that don't match.  You name it, these quilters have done it.  And they made me feel great about the things I do so I can enjoy the final product.  A finished quilt!  Thank you....and your secrets are safe with me!  The quilt police don't know my pass words.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Back packs "almost" finished

It's been a load of fun creating six new back packs for an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

The theme is Disney Animal Kingdom - The 2 Day Park.

Animal Kingdom is brushed off as a half day park by many.  There are 3 major rides and two shows that most people go to.  Then they take off to one of the more popular parks.  And they miss so much.  There is no way anyone can take in all this park has to offer in a half day.  Hence the title "The 2 Day Park".

All six bags are finished up to the length of the straps.  They have been made to look like they've been through a lot.  There are threads hanging, patches on some of them.  They look rough.  Think of what something would look like when the gorillas are finished play with it.  That's the what these bags look like.

All that is left is to have their new owners try them on, measure how long the straps should be and then secure the straps at that length.  Then they are done!  This could be a long process as there are currently no plans for trip planning visits with everyone.  Hopefully soon.  This project needs to be finished!  There are more projects to have fun with.....

This pack is mine.  It lists all the Disney podcasts I listen to.
Notice the little lizard at the bottom.  There is one on each of the packs.  These little guys are all over the parks and are fun to watch.

 The six back packs

 There is a pocket at the back of each pack sunglasses so they don't get lost or damaged