Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A busy summer

Where did the summer go?  Fall is here and everywhere I go I smell pumpkin spice.  Not that I mind.  I love pumpkin spice anything.  We've been known to add some of the spice when brewing regular coffee.  DH isn't as keen on the taste as I am, but he does enjoy the fragrance. 

We've lost a few family members and friends over the past several months.  They are missed very much.  And will always be remembered!

On a happier note, the neighbours next door are almost finished their two and a half year renovation project.  Hopefully that will mean they can move in before Christmas.  We are certainly looking forward to watching their young family grow.

Have we slowed down on acquiring vintage sewing machines?  The answer is yes!  DH is now very interested in crystal radios.  When going through some old boxes that were stored in the garage he came across two of these little radios.  One was his as a child and the other mine.  I was so surprised that mine was still around and in working condition!  An even bigger shock was what these things are now worth!

There is antenna wire strung along the ceiling in DH's office as well as in a spare bedroom to improve radio reception.  I'm sure people think we're crazy.  But it's fun!

On the quilting front I'm keeping up with the 365 Block of the Day Challenge.  There are times that I just can't be bothered with the block and will use left overs from previous blocks to make up one of my own.  I really don't think that someone looking at 365 blocks in a quilt will be able to point out one that I made up and what was "supposed" to be there.  This project is supposed to be fun.  Not a burden.

Here's one of the 365 quilts.  A dark and another light border still to be added by the end of the year.

In June the volunteer sewing group spent the day at a local residence for dementia patients.  We had a Fidget Quilt for each resident.  We did wonder how the quilts went over and if they were being used.  Two weeks before volunteer sewing started up again we found out.

The quilt shop that hosts the volunteers got a phone call requesting six more quilts.  New residents had arrived and the quilts were "needed".  So I guess the fidget quilts are a hit. 

Since the volunteer group wouldn't start up again until the end of September the owner of the shop contacted me to see if I was able to get six quilts finished ASAP.  The challenge was accepted and met:

Each quilt has a zipper, ties, pockets, different textured fabrics and buttons.  Some have metal rings.  Others fabric loops.  They were started and finished over one weekend.

Now to get back to the sewing room.  I have yet another virtual retreat to get ready for!