Friday, January 27, 2017

Quilting progress

Now that I can sit at the sewing machine for more than a few minutes I should be able to have loads of fun.  Not so much.  December 21st I was told I need cataract surgery.  No date set but most likely the left eye will be done in April or May.  Then the right eye will be taken care of.

This means no sewing for a number of weeks after the surgery.  My other eye issues will complicate my recovery. priorities are getting quilts finished.  And most are at stages that I really do not enjoy working on.  I'm not going to have the fun of starting new projects.  Darn.

Progress report: 

The first BOD centre as well as the next two borders are quilted.

The second BOD centre is quilted.  The top needs the first two sets of borders added and then quilted.

My Bailey 17" has been cleaned and oiled.  Ready to sew!

The backing and bat has been prepared for another top.  Now that quilt is loaded onto the frame.  I'm hoping to get started with the quilting this morning!
(Provided I can get DS's felines out of the comfy hammock.)

My Brother embroidery machine has been cleaned.  So I have no excuse not to finish the last 20 BOD blocks.

Anna, from the hearts2hands yahoo group posted a photo of a cutting mat on top of a Lazy Susan.  I loved the idea and wish I had been able to use one these past 12 months while working on the BOD.  DH found a Lazy Susan in the garage that is a great size.  With an old cutting mat trimmed to fit, I'm ready to put it to use.  Even if it's just for those last 20 blocks.

I've started saving all fabric trimmings when squaring up blocks.  The scraps will go into a pillow and then the opening will be stitched closed.  Great pet beds and no waste.  Thanks to Missouri Star Quilting for that idea!

Off to kick some cats out of their napping spot.  The quilt is about to get quilted!

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