Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another baby quilt finished!

I was playing around with a different method of making tumbler quilt blocks.  After 20 blocks it was time to quit playing and get the blocks together.  Last night the quilt was on the frame ready for quilting in the morning.  By noon the quilt was off the frame, squared and the binding finished.

There is always a re-learning curve when I get back to using the long arm.  I am trying to remember that when a quilt comes off the frame another goes on.  Even if it's just a practice quilt.  The quilting goes so much better when there is less time between quilts.

After the baby quilt came off the frame, the Canada Day quilt was put on.  Now to decide how to quilt it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby Quilt Finished!

I finished the baby quilt before the baby is born!  Our new neighbours are expecting an addition to their family in April.  Here's the quilt that I made for the little one.  Fabric came from my stash!  I really have to "shop" from my stash more often.

Now to get working on the tumbler quilt.  The blocks have been made, just have to put it together.

Next on the long arm will be the Canadian quilt.  Just have to find the right backing....from my stash!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Top Finished

On the hearts2hands Yahoo group a member challenged us to pull out some of our older unfinished projects and get them done.

I pulled out a bag that held some red work flowers - provincial and territorial.  The top is now made and waiting to be quilted.  It's a good feeling getting a long over due project done (or mostly done).

That's it for quilting today.  Now to get my income tax information put into some sort of order, and then put some more fun time into vacation planning!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Last of the Flying Geese quilts finished!

When I retired I gave myself a challenge.  Make all the quilts from one particular book.  The tops were made...but took ages to become quilts.

Last night the final quilt was taken off the quilting frame, trimmed, and binding added.  A finished quilt!

Here are the other quilts from the same book that I still have. I totally forgot to keep two of the quilts until the project was finished.  Nor did I remember to take photos of them before they were gifted. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

At Home Quilt Retreat and Adding to Trip Excitement!

A member of one of my on-line quilt groups has the nerve to be going on a quilt retreat.  All of us who are currently snowed in are soooo jealous.

Some of us have decided to have a quilt retreat at home, checking in frequently to see how others are doing, posting photos and even talking about our meals and snacks (they do this at real quilt retreats so why not at a virtual one?).

I need to make a baby quilt for one of our new neighbours.  The baby is expected in April so with my track record I had best get started!
I'm in no spending money mode, so I have to shop from my stash.  What is baby/child appropriate?

The smaller scraps:

 The larger pieces of fabric:

I've decided to use a star block using the animal alphabet dark blue fabric.  The yellow daisy fabric will be used in the flying geese block along with any of the smaller scraps that are not dark blue or yellow.

This will be the first time I'm going to try the "no waste" method of making flying geese.  Could be fun - or frustrating.

Before any cutting and sewing can get started, there is all the fabric that will not be used to be put back into bins.  The bins pulled out of the sewing room put back.  The sewing machine to be cleaned and a new needle put in.  The ironing/cutting board to be cleared off (currently holding presents for some upcoming birthdays and left overs from previous projects).  So hopefully by the day's end I can be pressing, cutting and start sewing.  The goal for the weekend's virtual retreat....get the blocks sewn.

Now for the trip.

To get us even more excited, DS ordered some covers for the Disney Magic Bands.   The image is of our favourite resort with a statue of Mickey holding a phone.  This statue can be found at the resort in our favourite area to stay.

The stickers can be ordered online through a company called Magic Your Band.  You design them yourself.  They were very friendly and great service.  It seemed DS just ordered them the other week and they arrived this week.  (Plus they added a few extra generic band covers as well.)

Update to weekend retreat:  Between celebrating birthdays, normal sewing interruptions (phone calls, going for groceries etc.) here's what I managed to sew on the virtual retreat weekend:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mini On LIne Quilt Retreat

First thing this morning a number of quilters on the hearts2hands internet quilt group were emailing about today's Super Bowl football game.  Quite a few of our husbands would be watching.  Then there was all the snow that some of the areas were expecting.  We were going to be staying home!

A brilliant suggestion by one member lead to a mini on line quilting retreat.  We each listed a few projects we hoped to work on.  Several times during the day we checked in to do an update and see how everyone else was doing.

We shared frustrations when blocks were not co-operating, printers didn't print what they were supposed to, fabric was cut that should not have been and sewing machines having thread issues. 

We cheered each other on as quilt tops were finished, tops were quilted and embroidery projects completed.

The only thing missing from a real quilting retreat was being able to see each other's work as it was progressing and sharing food (but we did talk about food a bit in our emails.)

My first project were sleeves for the cat collars.  The cats are to have a tag on their collar with their names when they are boarded.  This is when we are on our trip.  I really dislike the jangling tags.  They are noisy and must drive animals crazy.  It's not like they can get away from the noise.  Thus the sleeves.