Saturday, November 22, 2014

Spiced Eggnog Coffee!

It's back!  Several of the Second Cup stores have the Spiced Eggnog coffee in for Christmas enjoyment.  My dear sharp eyed son found it and made sure he would be nominated "Son of the Year' by buying some for his dear old Mom.

Last year I had been told by a local Second Cup store that they were no longer making this coffee available.  I was given an e-mail address to send in a comment/complaint.  The response I received was that there were several stores in Eastern Canada that still had a supply and that I could order it from them.  Then I was given a gmail address to send my credit card number to.  Yeah....right....that's going to happen.

I was fortunate enough to find some eggnog coffee at a local Winners store.  Not Spiced Eggnog, but Eggnog.  Well this year Winners is carrying Spiced Eggnog by Java Works.  $7 for 12 oz.  I haven't done a taste comparison between the Second Cup and the Java Works.  But I'm a happy gal knowing my Eggnog Coffee needs are being met this year.

For those who are wondering if eggnog milk does but way more sugar etc then flavoured coffee has.
That's my update for to drink coffee (who needs to sleep?) and get some sewing done!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Welcome to the North Pole - Finished

One of my 2013 Christmas presents from my husband was membership to a quilt block of the month club.  Each month I would go to the local quilt shop.  The owner had a demonstration on how to make the different blocks and we were given the fabric required to make it.

Fast forward 11 months and below is the final product.  More or less.
I plan on adding some more glitter to the snow.  I love ice crystals sparkling in fresh snow.  And darn it...this is my quilt so I'm gluing on glitter to the snow!  I will have to wait until after December 19th though.  That's when all the quilters who worked on this block of the month will bring their quilts to the quilt shop for a "show and tell".
I do not want glitter spread all over the quilt shop.  No one would thank me for that!  So the quilt is as finished as it's going to be until after the grand reveal on the 19th.

I have a feeling (or is it wishful thinking?) that there will be a new block of the month club membership under the tree for me this Christmas.