Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sidewalk and sewing update

It's been over a month again since I last posted.   And it has been a fun month.

Volunteer sewing started up again.  Yeah!  The ladies made 63 draw string bags by the time I left.  These will go to one of the shelters.  Those staying there have something to hold the tooth brushes, toothpaste, hair brushes etc.  Some arrive at the shelters with absolutely nothing. 

Next thing I want to comment on is about the fence across the side walk.  This side walk goes through a local school playground.  The fence was to stop kids from riding bikes out onto a busy avenue.  It worked, but it also forced everyone using the side walk to walk off the side walk and into the dirt to get around the fence.  Or walk into snow.  Or mud.  Depending on the season.  Loads of fun when you are pushing a wheel chair, stroller, walker, riding a scooter, hurrying to catch one of the buses that go on this busy avenue....you get the picture. 

When I saw a care giver pushing a wheel chair get stuck in the mud, I contacted the city.  The gentleman who got back to me could not promise a start or finish date.  Well, it started this morning and it's finished. 

A sign has been posted telling bikers to slow down.  I'm sure hoping that a sign will be enough to prevent an accident.  I met up with the foreman who was in charge.  I suggested a staggered gateway like others we have in the area.  These gates allows people to use the side walk but slows down bikes.  I was told that if the school has issues with the removal of the fence they can contact the city.  Something would be then be "worked out". ( Or if a tragedy occurs.)  But until that happens, the warning sign will have to do.

On to sewing.  I have a quilt on the frame that is coming along slowly.  The Bailey (knock on wood) is behaving perfectly.  I have so many quilt tops to get quilted, I had best get busy.   This is hard, because it's been so nice and I've been trying to get more walking in before the snow and ice slows me down.

There are 7 back packs being made at the moment.  These are for another Walt Disney World trip in 2015.  The theme for these packs is "Disney Animal Kingdom - The 2 Day Park".  This is in response to the morons who refer to Animal Kingdom as "the half day park".  They go on the 3 main rides, maybe watch one of the theatre shows and say that's all there is.  Ask them what is on the trails, exhibits, or about the different animals.  They have no clue.  Idiots!  Think I have an attitude about this park?  Yeah, maybe.  It's the favourite park for most of the people going with me and certainly not held in disdain by any of the others.

In order to get the embroidery done on the packs, I purchased a Brother Embroidery machine.  So much fun!  I'm hoping the little ones in the neighbourhood get into dinosaurs like most little boys do.  I purchased a bunch of dinosaur designs and am itching to embroider some t-shirts for them.

The Welcome to the North Pole block of the month is progressing nicely.  So far each month's blocks have been finished before it's time to pick up the fabric for the next blocks.  Although I confess to working on a couple of them on the last day of the month.

Here's hoping my next post will have some photos of completed projects.  I need to feel that something is off the to do list!